Abby Yinko

  • CF L1
Abby is a local business owner of YSG Automation and full time stay at home mom to Ricky, Lauren and Rylee.
She has always been active and involved in sports, mainly basketball and volleyball.

Abby started to get back into fitness after having Lauren with cardio kickboxing and group training. When a personal trainer put a barbell in her hands for the first time, she instantly fell in love with lifting. She finally took the dive into CrossFit after some prodding from a close friend and it quickly became a love and obsession. After finding her home at Midwest Grit she realized very quickly that she wanted to coach. She wanted to be the person that (hopefully) starts someone’s love of fitness and health like her trainer did for her so many years ago. Abby loves seeing people glow when they succeed and being there to encourage them.
Her free time hobbies include: there’s not much free time lol!! The list is small but she loves hanging out with the family, traveling to some of their favorite spots (Charleston and Disney) and working out!